Loan to Finance Real Estate

The loan to finance real estate exists in the most diverse credit options for those who wish to acquire a house for residence or commercial property.

But in order to find differentiated conditions and good interest rates the ideal is to inform yourself in advance about all the conditions of this type of loan before you even make the decision of which home you will choose. Making a long-term financing is an attitude that will influence the family or individual budget for long years, and this should be well thought out.


Choosing of property

Choosing of property

One of the first attitudes to be taken is the choice of property. Is it a house or an apartment? Will it be a new or used property? Regardless of the choice, it must be agreed by the family since for the institution that will finance the property , this information matters little.

Decided what type of property will be purchased, the second attitude is to assess in which bank should be done financing the good. This step is not difficult, considering the numerous banks and financial institutions that offer this “modality of loan to finance real estate”, either for home or commercial real estate.


To choose the bank

To choose the bank

Characteristics with the interest rate, the term of the loan, total amount financed, entry value, intermediate installments, arrears interest administrative charges should be taken into account, just remember that the financing offers and their conditions are in each bank.

Currently Caixa Econômica Federal is one of the largest banks in the granting of “housing finance for housing,” Banco do Brasil have also hit record highs in the release of real estate loan this past year, but it is not only public banks that owns that market, banks such as Bradesco, Itaú Unibanco, Santander Real, HSBC Bank, as well as many other financiers of the property itself offers this modality.

When looking for a bank to apply for a “home equity loan,” make sure your credit history is all right and that there is no restriction on your name in the protection bodies, otherwise the bank when doing the SPC consultation and Serasa and in the analysis of cadastre and credit verify any irregularity, the financing will not be approved.


Finance a Property

Finance a Property

In many cases the total amount financed, the interest rate and the term will be defined depending on the analysis of the interested party’s register. This can be circumvented when the interested party in the loan to finance real estate has a bank account in some bank that offers him a “pre-approved real estate loan” for this purpose, but for this the bank client needs to have an intermediate history and a move in the account with reasonable applications for the bank to make a good definition of the payment power for the acquisition of assets.

In order to finance a property, not necessarily the interested party must be working in a formal job with a portfolio record, usually the banking institutions grant the “loan financed for real estate” even when the applicant has no fixed job in a private company or public agency. The alternative is the presentation of the statement of account of the last 6 months or preferably the declaration of income tax.

On the other hand, the real estate loan for those who work with a registered portfolio, in addition to presenting the payslip to analyze the monthly income, some institutions require a minimum period of registration in the portfolio to continue the process.

The basic documentation required in most banks for the request for new property financing is usually the RG, CPF, Proof of Income, Income Tax or Bank Statement and Proof of Residence. In the purchase of used property, the institution usually request the CPF of the owners of the property, Copy of the mirror of the IPTU, Declaration of discharge of the condominium if the property is apartment and Registry of the property.

The term of the loan for financing of property can be granted up to 30 years. The financed amount of the property used in general depending on the bank can vary from 60% to 80% of the total value, since for new properties it is not difficult to find banks that finance 100% of the value of the property to be bought.

When hiring a home-financed loan, try to give as much input as possible to reduce the outstanding balance of the loan and be in a more comfortable position with regard to the value of the installments so as not to damage the personal or family financial budget.

Just to remind you, first of all, do real estate financing simulations on the various banks that have websites, make comparisons, analyze, ask questions related to the loan and only then when you are sure, go to your chosen bank in person.

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