Loan Yes, Why not?


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Make a loan yes, why not?

The credit market in Brazil is experiencing a virtuous moment, banks and financials have increased the volume of financial resources supply, the reduction of interest rates has been constant, payment deadlines are also being lengthened and to further collaborate, the default has been falling in recent months. Read more at

According to information from the Central Bank (BC). The total amount of financial operations related to loans in the period of September was about R $ 1.6 trillion, a rise of 1.8% was observed compared to the previous month.

During the same period, interest rates on loans to individuals reached the lowest level ever recorded since 1994, at 39.4% per annum, with payment terms for individuals of 541 days, on average.

Make a loan yes, why not?

Faced with this scenario of falling interest rates in various types of credit , consumers accustomed to using credit card and overdraft are choosing to make the personal loan or payroll loan because they offer much lower interest rates.

Just to have a more complete idea, in September alone the volume of credit related to revolving credit, use of the overdraft limit and credit with credit card , showed a reduction in the month of 1.1% and of 0 , 9%, following the order.

According to the analysis of the advisor and coordinator of the research area of ​​the “National Association of Executives of Finance, Administration and Accounting” (Anefac), Miguel Ribeiro de Oliveira, the offer of financial resources made available by the country’s credit institutions is raising to 46.7 % the ratio of credit to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 2.8% more is the difference a year ago. The offer is expected to reach 50% by the end of 210.

The credit market still has enough room for growth in the “volume of loans, personal loans and financing” in all lines of business, even though Brazil still has a low volume when compared to the international average, the trend and the expectation of expansion for the next few months and years should be gradual.

The impulse in the expansion of the credit supply has occurred due to the demand for loans for vehicle purchase and the granting of personal credit through the good performance of payroll loans that registered significant increases.


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